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Alien prequels in difficulty?

RidleyScott.jpgIt seems that there might be the usual conflict between director and studio on the Alien prequels, as we've seen so many times before the director wants R rated, no compromise Alien prequels, while the studio want that PG-13, easy to market, rating.

Not just that but apparently Ridley Scott's budget of US $250 million is just too much for them and they want to pare that down drastically.

I do find this story difficult to believe, especially when it's a template of so many other stories on so many other films we've heard and seen. Okay perhaps the words aren't that I don't believe, but that I don't believe this will end up being any more than a discussion in a boardroom that's been sent out to the media as an exciting source, or by one side or the other to leverage the discussion.

We have heard this time and time again, and after the fact we usually hear the truth, so often it's just a discussion between the director and the studio, and all too often it turns out to be nothing, just a titbit of news to get people talking, and if my cynical brain isn't working too hard then it's probably released by the studio because they want to keep people talking about the film.

Whatever the reason the story is out there and ScriptFlags through Latino Review say that the Alien Prequels are in a little bit of difficulty because of it. Well I doubt that. If it is true that the studio are pushing back then Ridley Scott will push right back, and if the doesn't get his way? Well what's to keep him on the project? He has plenty of other films to make either producing or directing, or both, why stay on a project where his vision isn't wanted?

On the other hand I don't really see a studio hiring Ridley Scott to direct the prequel to his own film only to decide that he's not getting his budget or his rating for the film, after all wouldn't that have already been talked about?

Do you think when Scott signed the directing contract that he didn't ask the studio that produced all those teen friendly AvP films that ruined the franchise if he could take it back to the source, including turning the much touted PG-13 ratings that were scoffed at by fans of the original Alien films?

Excuse me, but that sees bleeding obvious and if I thought to ask it you can be sure that Scott and the teams of lawyers thought to. That is unless Scott was willing to do a teen friendly version of the film, something I really do disbelieve.

We'll look back on this in a few weeks and either Scott will be on or off and I imagine if he's on then it's all his way.



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