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Cameron directing Jolie in Cleopatra 3D?

JamesCameron.jpgI'm not sure how real this rumour is because it's written rather sketchily, but there's one none the less that James Cameron is looking to create a 3D version of the story of Cleopatra with Angelina Jolie taking the leading role.

The studio are apparently building momentum behind the project and have an excellent script ready to go, now they just need to secure the director and star, and rope in the 3D elements from day one.

It would appear that Brian Helgeland has written a script that is being praised highly, and indeed is described as:

...a "brilliant script deserving of epic treatment" all about "what the Romans took from Egypt".

In the Deadline Hollywood Daily story. They also say that the Co-Chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal, is pushing the project hard and wants Angelina Jolie for the role of Cleopatra, a match that I think is pretty good.

The script is adapted from the book by Stacy Schiff called Cleopatra: A Life (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and is a reconstruction from the ground up of the historical story of Cleopatra, putting aside all the fictional portrayals we've seen of the character in art, play, television and film to date.

It would be an epic film and role and would be demanding of studio and director, delivering an entirely new take on the conventional views of who the Queen was.

Angelina Jolie herself has said that she would be honoured to play the role but would need to see a script, as she always does with projects, and so now the script it here and it's being talked about so well, perhaps we will see Jolie sign up?

If James Cameron does too then we'll see something epic and worthy of a huge budget, something the studio would love to see because then they'd know they would get strong returns. However would it necessarily have to be in 3D? Will the craze have passed by then? Mind you, thinking of the great shots of Egypt and Rome that could be created in 3D, there's a lot there to attract Cameron.



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