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Coppola's horror-thriller with Val Kilmer

ValKilmer.jpgFrancis Ford Coppola has his next film in his sights and it's being described as a thriller with touches of horror. It's based on a short story that Coppola wrote and already has an interesting cast lined up.

There's not much more on the story itself, but the cast line up sounds interesting and there's no way you can discard a Coppola film is there?

The film is set to star Val Kilmer as a horror writer and starring alongside him are Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning, and that's about all we know.

I still class Kilmer as a great actor, he's just had a lot of terrible scripts to work with, and whether that's bad choice or circumstances I don't know, but it's great to hear that he's going to be leading in a film that has all the elements lined up so far, I mean Francis Ford Coppola, come on, that could be a return to glory for Kilmer if it turns out even half decent.

The story from Deadline Hollywood Daily points out that the film will be shot on Coppola's own property in Napa, how cool is that to be able to say that you'll shoot a film that big on your own back yard?

It also concentrates on the horror aspect, although I think you shouldn't get swamped by that word, I'm sure we won't be looking at that type of horror, but the more psychological kind.

It would be interesting to track down that short story though, for with Kilmer playing a horror writer, there are lots of possibilities up in the air.



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