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Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) trailer online

TropadeElite.jpgElite Squad (Tropa de Elite) was a strong film, a pretty dark view of the war against the drug gangs in Brazil and how the Brazilian police force have to operate and how they deal with the gangs themselves. We watched a few men's journey through that force, dealing with the everyday pressures of going into the slums and rooting out the gangs, and all the while trying to cope with the reality of home life.

It's a powerful film, and when I reviewed it I thought it had some flaws, but it was a really good film, one that went on to win awards and gain a lot of praise. So I'm excited to see the trailer for the sequel, Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2).

Here's what I said about Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad) (Filmstalker review) when I first saw it.

The film itself is very strong carrying good actors, performances, great pacing and excitement, and it manages to give a strong feeling of reality.

Elite Squad aka Tropa De Elite paints a bleak picture of the police in Rio de Janeiro, but it does seem firmly rooted on the side of the elite police.

Overall it's a powerful film that does come across more as entertainment than serious world commentary, but it does make you wonder how real this is, and if it is, what it must be like living on either side of the story.

The sequel looks like it might gain as much controversy and at the same time support as the original did. It covers similar ground but what it looks like is that the squad has increased in size and capability, but then so have the gangs.

Familiar faces return from the original film and the scope looks bigger, better and darker, but not in the sense of Hollywood films where they blow away the original idea and feel. While I can't understand a word of the trailer, José Padilha looks to have written and directed a strong sequel, we'll have to wait for the Brazilian release to be seen (it was released on the 8th) and hopefully an international release to boot.

Here's the trailer for Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) through Twitch:



Hi! My name's André, and I'm from Brazil. I liked your post and your blog, and since Elite Squad 2 won't appear so early in other countries, I decided to contribute with this post with a comment 'bout this great sequence! ^^

Elite Squad 2 is awesome! I think it's pointless compare it to Elite Squad because the thematic is different. When the second is a almost documentary about the life of elite policemen and they work on Rio's favelas, the first is now a social denounce. Yeah, it have action and bullets, but the screenplay is more mature, and more realistic by the way. Cpt. Nascimento don't quit from BOPE like he intended, but after a complicated mission on BANGU 1 (one of Rio's maximun security prison), he is expelled to became Assistant Secretary of Public Safety, in his own words, "the position that no Skull has get." With this new job, he transforms BOPE in a real army against druglords, and performs a real crash in the "system", hoping that when the drug-dealers bankrupt, the corrupt policemen crashes with their. But his plan do not work like he think it worked, and a new enemy arises from the scratches of the drug traffic: paramilitary groups, formed by corrupt policemen that perceive the drug-dealers are finished and that favelas is a great consumer market. This groups take the place of the drug-dealers, and begin to rule favelas, charging money from people for "safety services" and also monopolizing sealings of goods, cable TV, and others products.

The movie shows almost in a didactic form the creations of these paramilitary groups, or militias, and the new problems that comes with they to public safety. And also shows the way that corrupt politicians take advantage of this new system to elect themselves by supporting the militian leaders. Nascimento embarks on a journey where he will begin to doubt his strong beliefs that his work on BOPE could actually end up with the system.

The performance in this film is better than in the first. The dramactic parts are shivering, the movie itself is really strong. I expect I could contribute with my vision, and hope that the movie come quickly to international theaters for you check it out yourself!


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english! ^^

Just seen it. I was expecting to see an OK movie, like the first. What a surprise! This is WAY better in every way! Wagner Moura is more convincing playing a mature, experienced Nascimento, and some of the new guys, like Irandhir Santos (Fraga) and especially André Mattos (Fortunato) are already worth the ticket alone. The directing is also more mature but what truly stands up is the new screenplay. Not only is the theme more interesting and complex, but the writing is always remarkably clever. All in all, I truly believe the Academy already has a strong contender for best screenplay, actor and maybe foreign language film (I said maybe because the foreign language comission usually doesn't like violent movies).

André don't worry about the English, I understood you perfectly and you gave a thoroughly excellent overview of the film. In fact with your comments and Renato's I'm most definitely interested in the film now.

I liked the original but it sounds like the sequel is taking everything that was good about that and leaving everything else.

Its not the gangs that have increased in size. Its the scope of the fight, because Capitão Nascimento realizes his real enemy is different, and much more powerful.


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