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Emma Thompson replaces Torn in Men in Black III

EmmaThompson.jpgMen in Black is going through a few changes this third time round, not least with the swapping of the head of the organisation as Rip Torn is replaced with Emma Thompson, perhaps due to the recent media attention he's received, regardless the boss is changing.

Returning though are Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and Barry Sonnenfeld is set to direct the film, and thankfully there's still no sign of a talking animal.

We already heard that the story for Men in Black III will see the agents going back to 1969 when Tommy Lee Jones character Agent Kay is a much younger man, played by Josh Brolin.

There's also news from the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision about the casting of the villain who will be played by Jemaine Clement, however there's nothing about who that villain will be and how they tie in with the story. One might assume that they are going back in time to try and kill Agent K, hence the return of J and K to protect him.

The surprise though is that Emma Thompson is taking over from the excellent Rip Torn, a real shame I'd say, to play Agent Oh, the Agent in charge of Men in Black...I just spotted something there. Anyway, her character will be watching over a prison breakout in the future time while the agents return to the past.

Not that much to go on, but the script surely sounds better than the second film. What do you think of the replacement for Torn? Women in Black? Non-specified Gender in Black? Or should that be Non-specified Gender in Dark Suits?



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