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Howard's Forbin Project remake gains writer

ForbinProject.jpgApril 2007 was when we heard that Colossus: The Forbin Project was looking to be remade with Ron Howard directing the project, and we've heard nothing more until now.

According to the report Jason Rothenberg is writing the script for the film, with the story telling us that he's also just been attached to write the new Twilight Zone film.

The original Colossus: The Forbin Project told the story about about a supercomputer that is built by the government for protection, however it becomes self-aware and starts taking complete control of all systems in order to protect humankind from themselves.

With Ron Howard attached to direct, and still after some three years, it's promising for the film.

More rumour comes out of the Deadline Hollywood Daily story is that Will Smith is attached to star in the film, perhaps as the genius who creates the computer before it begins to control the other systems of the world.

I'm flabbergasted that the project is still in active development, or rather that it's come back to life after all this, however it's a great story and one that works so much better today in this technologically connected society, there's a lot more that the story could deliver.

I wonder though if it will end up happening, and will we see Will Smith take the lead? I'm sure Ron Howard will stay attached, he's stayed this long.



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