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Jackson reveals Hobbit's haven't moved on

TheHobbit.jpgDespite all the excitable news that Peter Jackson was defintely directing The Hobbit, the man himself has announced that this really isn't the case and as yet the film still isn't greenlit.

That's no real surprise considering the problems the production is facing in New Zealand right now from the Australian unions, after all it doesn't even know yet if it will be filmed in the country, and if not the budgets will have to be reworked and production moved to Eastern Europe.

Peter Jackson revealed all by pointing out that despite the recent round of stories in the press, nothing has changed since last time we spoke, I guess apart from the Australia versus New Zealand battle.

He was speaking to Empire through Collider when he said:

”We are nowhere different to any other reports or conversations...We haven’t got a greenlight yet. We’re still waiting. Things still seem to be inching closer to some sort of happy place. I keep hearing that so many times now I’ve stopped tuning into it.”

Then Jackson says that he's not agreed to direct yet and never does until everything is a go.

”I’m a writer and a producer on it…I always just protect myself and don’t fully commit until I know for sure that it’s happening. Then it gets my 100% commitment.”

So that means he's not directing it, or perhaps he's agreed to on certain conditions. Right now though he's not directing.

He goes on to talk about it some more and how you can never trust anything you read (perhaps that goes for all stories on all sides of the fence then?) but he does bring another problem with the production to the fore.

While I thought the production was waiting to see the rescue deal come through for MGM and the project move forward under new management post bankruptcy, Peter Jackson doesn't sound so positive.

”MGM is a company that is about to go bankrupt and in a way they are about to take The Hobbit into bankruptcy hell with them when they go down. Warners are trying to extract The Hobbit out of the bankruptcy hell before it happens.”

However reading that and thinking about the Spyglass deal that is trying to save something from the company, you'll realise that they aren't talking about letting The Hobbit films go with MGM through that process and want to get them from MGM before the company folds.

That really does add another level of complexity to the whole affair because I don't think MGM are going to let go and The Hobbit rights are surely one of the reasons that Spyglass want to save the company.



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