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Jolie's Bosnian war film out of trouble?

AngelinaJolie.jpgYou might be wondering if the film was ever in trouble, well apparently it was when rumours surfaced in Bosnia-Hercegovina that the film would tell the story of a relationship formed between a Serbian soldier who rapes a Bosnian Muslim woman. Well that wouldn't cause any controversy would it?

That was sarcasm, as it did just that, and reports came in that the film permits had been pulled. Angelina Jolie was quickly on the case and rectifying any misunderstandings about the plot, although to be quite honest they were more than misunderstandings and seemed to be pretty malicious rumours.

The rumour about the plot appeared just the other day about the story being between about a Serbian soldier who rapes a Muslim Bosnian woman and then the relationship that forms between them, and that was clearly inaccurate and against the reports we had heard previously.

Indeed the news of Rade Serbedzija's casting on Angelina Jolie's film told us what the plot would be, and direct from Serbedzija's mouth we heard that the relationship begins before the war:

”When she was told why I had rejected her offer, Angelina contacted me by phone and asked me to read the scenario. The text is fantastic. It is a love story about a young Serb and a Muslim woman who fell in love several evenings before beginning of war in Bosnia. That’s how film begins. Then follows war madness...Their love becomes passionate but impossible.”

Now that doesn't sound like a relationship growing from a war crime because the war hadn't yet started, so why did the rumour appear?

The BBC revealed that Variety claimed:

...the film tells of a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who fall in love in the middle of the 1992-1995 war.

Clearly that's not the case, and they go on to say that reports in Bosnia-Hercegovina went on to cause the Women Victims of War association to react rather angrily and publicly towards the film saying that it would be guilty of misleading history – well Hollywood does that in film on a daily basis to be fair.

Once the protests were heard by the Culture Minister Gavrilo Grahovac, he pulled the permits for the filming and on a radio interview stated:

”They no longer have the authorisation to shoot in Bosnia...They will have it if they send us the scenario with a story which will be different from what we have been told by people who read it.”

Jolie has reacted to this quickly, writing to the group to tell them that this is not what the story is about, something that's pretty clear already, and a script was sent to the Culture Ministry to assure them otherwise.

The USA Today, today, has an exclusive interview with Jolie in which she puts the record straight.

”There was a nasty rumor that it was about a relationship that started with a rape and torture — and it's not.”

She goes on to tell us more about the starting of the plot:

”It's a relationship that starts in the scene we're shooting today — in a club, before the war. The main characters begin with lovely, happy, beautiful singing and dancing. It's a normal relationship in that way, how it begins.”

That really has cleared things up, and with the film still shooting scenes during that interview, I would think it's not long before the Culture Minister decides not allow the permits to be reissued based on facts instead of the rumours.

To Jolie's credit she's not overly upset about the events and said that they were to be expected, after all the subject matter is very controversial and everything has to be handled very delicately.



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