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Kwanten to play Charles Manson

RyanKwanten.jpgRyan Kwanten is set to play Charles Manson in a film that is just starting its long road to production. From the early accounts it seems that the film will concentrate on the time period where Manson and his followers committed murders together and won't be a biographical film of his life.

The film comes from the writer of the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and The Crazies (Filmstalker review), as well as The Machinist, Scott Kosar and he's also going to direct the film, his first stab at directing.

It's going to be a powerful role for Ryan Kwanten and really would allow him to shake off the tag he's obviously being labelled with from True Blood. While it's not a bad tag to be labelled with, he's got more to offer and anyone who has seen Red Hill will no doubt be in agreement.

The story comes through JoBlo from The Wrap and ShockTillYouDrop, the latter site has some more information from Scott Kosar about the film, and any reservations people might have about what the film might portray could just well be dispelled with these comments.

”The movie won't focus on the Manson murders. Nor is it a Manson biopic. It's a family biopic. A movie about a surrogate family of wayward teenagers who, through extraordinary circumstances, came together and were transformed into the most notorious American family of the 20th century. Hence the title...

...Unlike other films on the subject, The Family will also spend time getting to know the victims, particularly Sharon Tate, who will be portrayed very sympathetically. I don't think a responsible movie can be made about this subject without humanizing the victims, which must be done in order to truly convey - as much as a film is able to - the enormity of the tragedy. This won't be a slasher film, but it won't gloss over the violence either.”

I like the sound of that. There seems to be a number of issues here, the main one is that they can ill afford to desensitise the character or the audience to the acts of violence that Charles Manson and his cult perpetrated, and if that means making a violent film so be it, but glossing it up or toning it down isn't an option. “Based on” or “inspired by” just won't cut it. It needs to be the hard shocking truth, otherwise they could well turn public opinion and knowledge of Manson away from that truth.



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