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New International trailer for Faster

Faster.jpgThere's a new trailer online for the film that bids a welcome return for Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, to action thrillers, and his career has been suffering for it. Now though it looks like he's back on strong ground, especially with this new trailer.

Faster tells the story of a man who sets out to avenge the murder of his brother and his own attempted murder, by going after the men who double crossed them during a bank robbery. He's going to stop at nothing to hunt each and every one of them down and kill them.

To complicate the story a detective is on his trail and aims to stop him before he can complete his mission, however he's not stopping, not until they're all dead.

So far we've seen the trailers for the film which give away a lot about the kills, the beauty of this trailer is that it focusses on the story quite a bit more and builds up the revenge thriller aspect, and boy does it look good.

Here's the new trailer for Faster:

There's a line from Dwayne Johnson in there that just sits perfectly:

”God can't save you from me”

Superb. I'm really keen to see this film and do hope that he's back to his Walking Tall (Filmstalker review) form. George Tillman Jr. directs the film which features a cast list with Carla Gugino, Tom Berenger, Billy Bob Thornton, Jennifer Carpenter, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Xander Berkeley, Maggie Grace and Moon Bloodgood. Now how could you say no to that?



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