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Original cast in Fright Night?

ChrisSarandon.jpgThe Fright Night remake is well under way and we had thought that it was going to be another full out remake, but then there are some rumours going about that suggest it might be more of a loose sequel than anything, but then I have to admit that my inbox and the unpublished comments are quite full of bizarre claims for the film from as soon as the title was announced.

Rumours come, rumours go, but this one has some interesting mileage, the fact that this Fright Night could see those fighting against the modern vampire turning to characters from the original for help in killing the new, neighbourhood unfriendly vampire.

The rumours are that Chris Sarandon, who played the original vampire, has just filmed a cameo for Craig Gillespie's remake of the superb 1985 film Fright Night which combined horror and comedy so well and was a fantastic film to boot.

The rumours through Mania, AICN and The Playlist suggest that this is just one of the links to the original and there's further suggestion that Anton Yelchin's Charlie Brewster character would be turning to some of the original cast for help.

That said the rumour also suggests that his character would turn to Chris Sarandon's character for all his help rather than that of Peter Vincent, the role that David Tennant has signed up for.

Frankly, this sounds like rubbish. I could see some of the original stars appearing in cameos, but cameos are just that. Perhaps Brewster comes across some old shop that sells anti-vampire paraphernalia or old books and the proprietor is played by Sarandon, now that's the kind of cameo and help I can see happening, but it would be just that, a cameo.

I can't see the film being connected with the old one in any other way than that, and it's going to be a remake, and that would mean a few cameos and the film ignoring the story from the first. That's where my bets lie.



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