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Scream 4 not the end of original characters?

Scream4.jpgI had thought, and I think a lot of other people had, that the return of the characters form the original Scream franchise for the fourth film was a move to hand over to a younger cast of characters who would take the Scream franchise forwards on their own, and I'm sure Wes Craven said something along those lines himself.

However David Arquette was talking about his appearance in the film and he's revealed something that perhaps he shouldn't, something that suggests this might not have been true after all.

Speaking about Scream 4 and his desire to return, which unsurprisingly was strong, and he heaped praise on the return:

"I love the character Dewey, I love working with Wes Craven. Being able to work with Courteney again is amazing and Neve. It was pretty much a no-brainer. We've been working on these movies for 16 years, so you go back and we know the DP and the propmaster and the first AD and they're all buddies of ours. We all went through this whole experience together."

He was speaking through ShockTillYouDrop and although his character hasn't changed he does say that he's now known as Sheriff Riley, not Deputy Dewey.

None of this is really important though, what is important is what David Arquette then reveals about the end of Scream 4, and for those who don't want to know I would suggest leaving right now.

Gone? Good. For Arquette said about his character something rather surprising that doesn't fit with what we had thought would happen.

"So I would love to play the character again. I enjoy it, and I hope the people go out and enjoy it. I loved working with Wes and the whole family."

So his character is alive at the end of the film? Well that's one of the original crew who will still be around for a fifth film. My money's still on Sidney being killed, or being revealed as the killer this time around, but perhaps Dewey lives on, if so who else will?

That does go against what was said about the handing over of the franchise, well to be fair it doesn't really because they can still do that, no offence David but Dewey isn't a key character for the franchise.



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