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Update: Scream 4 trailer leaked online

Scream4.jpgThe teaser trailer for Scream 4 was recorded from the Scream Awards 2010 this weekend and leaked online. Now it's not the best quality, angle or size, but compared to most hand recorded trailers it's pretty good quality, there's not even a shake.

The Scream 4 trailer looks a lot of fun, as does the film itself.

There are a couple of flashes in there that might suggest that Scream 4 could be using some new technologies in the film, mobile phone video for one – was that the masked killer on a mobile phone video at one point?

The teaser which is online and Bloody Disgusting carried is indeed looking good. Now lets see the full version released online and a full length trailer to boot.

Here's the leaked Scream 4 trailer, see if you can spot anything interesting in there:

Removed by the studio.
Seems they can let the public at the awards see it, but not the public on the Internet.
Why is that?

Update: While the official release of the trailer seems to have stalled a little, people started posted it and then the studio asked them to take it down after releasing it for some reason, there's a version of the trailer still online. If you look closely you'll see at 1m 2s someone unmasks themselves. Get it before it's removed again.

I never understand that. If you're going to release a trailer to some members of the public why not show everyone? Is it not good? Is there a mistake in it?



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