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The Warrior's Way stunning trailer

TheWarriorsWay.jpgI saw the link for The Warrior's Way and thought that it was another samurai film with wire fighting, don't get me wrong I enjoy them, but there didn't appear to be anything special. Then I saw the cast list.

Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston and Geoffrey Rush. Now that surprised me. Next up were the visuals, and when I caught sight of them I was totally turned around. The Warrior's Way looks spectacular.

Here's the blurb for The Warrior's Way before I talk about it.

The Warrior's Way, a visually-stunning modern martial arts western starring Korean actor Dong-gun Jang who plays an Asian warrior assassin forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands. Rounding out the ensemble cast are Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Oscar(R)-winner Geoffrey Rush (Shine), Danny Huston (The Kingdom), and Tony Cox (The Hustle).The fantasy action film was written and directed by newcomer Sngmoo Lee, and is being produced by Barrie M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings), Jooick Lee (Seven Swords) and Michael Peyser (Hackers).

Now go and see the trailer for The Warrior's Way over at Apple Trailers.

There's a fantastic look and feel to the trailer with the backdrops and the stylish fighting scenes, and those really cool masked ninja. Oh boy it looks fantastic. Where did this come from all of a sudden? Well the writer and director Sngmoo Lee is a newcomer and it's his first time out, but it looks like he's coming out with swords drawn and guns blazing.



I'm really looking forward to seeing this film, I hope it lives up to the the trailer, do you know when it opens?

2nd December for Russia and South Korea, then the 3rd (my birthday!) for Malaysia, UK, USA, 26th January 2011 in Australia and sometime in April 2011 for New Zealand.

So far it's not a huge release, I hope that his somewhere near you.


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