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Top Gun 2 row brewing over plot?

TopGun.jpgIt's not a week ago that we heard there was a Top Gun sequel on the move and that the film would have to be rather different from the original for the training of pilots had dramatically changed from aerial combat training to bombing runs as we've seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then Tony Scott appeared saying that he was keen on making a new Top Gun and that it wouldn't be a sequel, and that it would follow the pilots who were now training on the drones that were being flown overseas, remote controlled from comfortable and secure bases.

Apparently though, that's not how Christopher McQuarrie, the writer of the sequel, sees it.

So now there's a question, just who is right? Sure the writer is developing the story, but when the director comes on board couldn't he just rewrite it and hire someone new to change it all around? Considering the amount of writers a script goes through these days, is Christopher McQuarrie just the first in the line who will have worked on the Top Gunsequel come the filming?

You know that we did hear about this back in July 2008 when a Top Gun sequel script was announced and the word was that it would see Maverick return as a teacher and train a new cocky, hot shot pilot just like he once was, the plot twist was that the pilot was a female. Perhaps that would have worked, but now Top Gun has changed.

That's what we heard when the recent resurgence of the film was announced and that the plan was to get Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott involved in the sequel, with those pesky “sources” telling us that Christopher McQuarrie was set to write the script which he apparently said would incorporate Maverick, he'd found a way, and that could bring Tom Cruise back.

Leap forward a few days and Tony Scott reveals that he wants to do the film but not a direct sequel, he says that his idea is to make it all about these pilots flying the drones into war zones, like video gamers, and that there wouldn't be any Maverick in this film.

Now McQuarrie has returned to spar online and revealed through N.Y Magazine Vulture and JoBlo that in his film Maverick is the starring role.

”There is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role”

See, that's what he said. Well I agree. You can't sequel a story and not sequel it. Not bringing back main characters is a terrible thing to do in a sequel, unless there's some very strong connection with the previous film, such as a Top Gun school. So it could work, but not changing the school at the same time.

Okay, let's step back and look at the bigger picture for a moment. As I said earlier, McQuarrie is writing the script that could well be fed through other writers, and when a director the stature of Tony Scott boards the project he'll no doubt have the chance to change things.

So who's right? Well McQuarrie is right now as he's writing the script, but there's a long way until a film. There's also a long way before Cruise says yes and we see what the film will really focus on, lead character aside.



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