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Warner Bros. ACME company gets film

ACME.jpgRemember in all those cartoons, particularly Roadrunner, that there would be an ACME corporation supplying the strangest, most deadliest, and always most faulty (at least in the hands of the evil characters) gadgets by mail order?

Well the word is that there's a script about the ACME corporation on the go and that Warner Bros. have bought it and are ready to make the film version of it.

That sound bizarre indeed, but the idea is rather interesting. The corporation is a constant thread through many of their cartoon properties and to see that touched upon might allow cameo performances galore, references to other properties and almost an unlimited supply of fun.

You'll probably remember them most in the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons where, just about every episode, Wile was receiving another mail order item designed to help him capture and kill the Roadrunner. They never worked though, or rather they always did but he never read the instructions, used them incorrectly, or Roadrunner was just too damn smart.

According to the story from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision the ACME corporation film will not feature any of the Looney Tunes characters, which I hope means that they will still get some kind of cameo or nice reference for the fans, you can't make a film about something that connects all these different properties together without mentioning them in some way, and it would be a missed marketing opportunity for Warner Bros.

It will be a film that mixes live action and CG though, and that would make sense. I bet the ACME corporation would all be live action and we'd have something like Roger Rabbit where they are selling them to the cartoon world.

Kevin and Dan Hageman pitched the idea and producers of many a good, and great film Dan Lin and Roy Lee are developing the idea. Sounds a great one, but I wonder how it will turn out?



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