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Will The Last Broadcast remake work?

TheLastBroadcast.jpgIf you didn't know, The Last Broadcast is the film that most likely inspired The Blair Witch Project, and could be said to have really started the “lost footage” film craze, but then where do you say it began? Was there a film that was made before then with lost footage?

However it was before Blair Witch, and it's fair to say that Blair Witch was very similar. Now there's word that there's going to be a remake, but not the remake you might think.

The Last Broadcast was a pretty good film, it had a few flaws, that's certain, but it was a clever film that delivered well and definitely paved the way for The Blair Witch Project, and don't be thinking it's the same story either, there's a different slant to this one.

So a remake? Could it be that it needed one? Well perhaps so because it would get more budget and more creative input, and with the current rise of the “lost footage” film, it would get a strong turnout from horror audiences without thinking about what it offers.

Yes, I think there's a remake here and it could have been a good one – why am I saying it could have been? Well read on.

According to ShockTillYouDrop John Stevenson is working on the project with the Friday the 13th writer Victor Miller as an associate producer, not writer. I'm not sure if he's directing or not, I suspect just producing so we're in the early stages, but there's some surprising early news that the stars of the original are back for this remake. Stevenson says:

”Michele Pulaski and James Seward are reprising their roles for the remake...”

So that sounds interesting so far.

The story also tells us that the remake is going to be an animated film and in 3D. Oh dear. If there wasn't a film that needed animation it's this story. Animating the story is going to distract from one of the things that these types of film revel in, the one thing that makes them so successful, drawing the audience into the film and along with the characters, making them feel the reality of the situation that the other characters are in. Put that in 3D and you can see the feeling enhanced, animated it and you're losing it, I'd say almost totally.

I think this is going to be a disaster, or perhaps that's too strong a word, but it's just not going to work, taking out that bond between the audience and the characters in the film is going to seriously affect the success of the film in the scares and the surprises of the “lost footage” films.



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