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Bekmambetov producing opposing found footage space film

TimurBekmambetov.jpgTimur Bekmambetov is the man responsible for bringing us the visually exciting and huge Russian epic, the Watch trilogy, Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor, Day Watch, and...and a huge big stall, and that big stall looks set to continue as his Hollywood career gets in the way of finishing the series of films that brought him there.

He's just been announced as producing another science fiction thriller that looks set to clash with another film recently announced that covers similar ground, the "found footage" craze transferred to space.

Yet again though we see the story of a new film where the production credit over shadows the directing credit as the news comes that Timur Bekmambetov is "overseeing" a science fiction thriller which Trevor Caewood is directing, and apparently it's pretty well into production too.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily through ShockTillYouDrop, who don't supply a link, the film is going to be about the Apollo 18 mission which was one of a number of planned NASA missions which were cancelled during the sixties and seventies due to budgetary and scheduling conflicts. However the film is going to use the found footage craze to reveal that the mission did go ahead and clashed in some way with aliens while out there and for some reason was covered up afterwards.

It's interesting that it wasn't too long ago we heard of a Warner Bros. film called Dark Moon from Olatunde Osunsanmi which uses found footage in a story about Apollo 17, that's the last space mission that actually landed on the moon and that was back in 1972. Not only was it the last but it was the longest manned flight, the longest surface expedition and the longest in lunar orbit.

The two films seem to be amazingly close to each other, although Dark Moon comes from Warner Bros. and Apollo 18 comes from Weinstein Company. Will there genuinely be enough room for both films or will one of them fade to the background during production or release? Would you be interested in seeing both films?

The big issue for me is that Timur Bekmambetov just seems to be taking on more and more production duties and that third film in the Watch series of Russian books isn't getting adapted any time soon. I'm kind of getting disappointed in the fact that we're not seeing closure on those films and it feels as though the director has been seduced by Hollywood and totally forgotten his beginnings, beginnings that are sitting unfinished with fans worldwide wondering what's happened to it.



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