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Cars 2 trailer online

Cars2.jpgA trailer has arrived online for Cars 2, the sequel to, yes you guessed it, Cars.

The film is due out in mid 2011 with John Lasseter and Brad Lewis co-directing and has a much larger story of international racing, spying and intrigue, if the trailer is anything to go by.

There are a few comments of the trailer lacking heart and soul, and watching it you really don't get the excitement that you did with the original, however it's early days and it does suggest that there's a lot more to come. Mind you, it could be set to deliver some quick and easy returns, especially with the 3D release.

What caught my eye more than anything was the appearance of Michael Caine as the classic British car, a secret agent obviously on the side of Lightning McQueen and Mater who are caught up in something much bigger.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how the plot for Cars 2 develops. See what you think of the trailer which comes through Deadline Hollywood Daily.



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