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Doug Liman's Moon colonisation film

DougLiman.jpgDoug Liman's untitled film about the race to colonise the Moon is till on his production plate, although not given the go ahead as yet, he's still hammering away with the project and has been talking more about the potential film.

From the way he's talking about it I'm not sure if it's up against another of his films to get the go ahead with only one winning, but it certainly does sound like the ambitious project which once had Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star could finally get going.

When we first heard about the project the script had been written by Doug Liman and John Hamburg with Mark Bowden, who wrote Black Hawk Down, supplying a rewrite, and as much as we knew at the time about it was that it told the story of...

...a private expedition to the moon and a race to try and colonise it.

Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to star in the film, and the next we heard was that Dan Mazeau had rewritten the script.

Time passes and the project gets forgotten about, until now when we hear from Liman through FirstShowing, The Playlist and Coming Soon that he's still working on the project and that since the previous news Simon Kinberg, who wrote Sherlock Holmes and Liman's films Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Jumper (Filmstalker review), and Ken Nolan, who also wrote the Black Hawk Down screenplay, have rewritten the story.

To add to that he revealed that it and another project of his, All You Need is Kill, are in early development:

”Both of them are in budgeting and both have small, early crews on them.”

Now that suggests that he's working both on pre-production to see how they go, and whichever catches the eye of the money people means that one will get made, or hopefully just made first so that the other doesn't fall by the wayside, but it could happen. This could be a fight to see which one comes out on top.

Right now though he's still working on his Attica film, but I like the potential of his Moon colonisation film, mind you I like a lot of films that Doug Liman makes, remember he was the first Bourne director.



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