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Update: Escape From New York remake finds new Snake?

SnakePilskin.jpgI had thought that the remake of Escape From New York might just have been shelved after all those rumours of Gerard Butler replacing Snake Plissken faded through the interflab's digestive system, however it appears not and the project is still on the go, more than that it seems that there's a very early and almost one hundred percent rumour, that another big name actor is being considered for the lead.

It's surprising that Hollywood attempts to remake such wonderfully loved and respected films, and yet it keeps on doing it, and with Escape From New York, John Carpenter's classic film, they seem to be intent to do so.

Last we heard in the chain of stories about an Escape From New York remake was that Breck Eisner had joined as director, and for me that had a bit of a duality for there's Sahara and The Crazies (Filmstalker review) were poles apart film wise.

On the possible lead of the film we heard from producer Neal H. Moritz who was saying that Gerard Butler was still interested in playing the lead but wanted to see a new script. A new script came and everything else was silent.

The script seemed to be the Allan Loeb version which was much more focussed on the origin story of Snake and that this film would merge the origin with the story from the original film.

Sounded a little odd, but that's the one that's stuck so far and is still apparently in development.

Now, according to Bloody Disgusting through JoBlo, there's a new actor in the frame for the role of Snake, however there's a caveat, this is not an announcement and is a huge rumour, perhaps a glance of the actor talking to the producer, leaving the same offices, something that vague, we don't know.

However the story is that Jeremy Renner is either interested in or is being considered for the role of the new Snake.

There's no other news than that, but if there's a grain of truth to it then it's fair to say Butler is indeed off the film and I think that's a good thing, I'm really not sure how this remake is going to turn out, and even if Renner is indeed on the case, I still don't think it's the last we're going to hear on the musical chair front for this film.

Right now it doesn't feel like the production road for this is done, does it?

Update: Okay, so according to the latest news from Bloody Disgusting it would seem that Jeremy Renner isn't going to be Snake, just yet. As expected this was way early for an announcement and they're still working on the production, far from casting a lead. Breck Eisner is still directing, at least that's one small update.



seems like no film is unremakeable... richard you should run a poll on which films are unremakeable (in readers opinion) mine is star wars!

or should it be 'remake proof'??! either way seems like no films is at the mo....

I would've loved to see a sequel with an older Snake still played by Kurt Russel rather than another reboot.

Kev, that's a good one. Perhaps a feature on that too. I'll get that poll going today!

Vash that's the one I really wanted, although I thought Butler would have been pretty good at the role, a proper sequel would have been great.

Yeah, I think Butler could do a decent Snake. One thing is certain: this role requires a fair amount of genuine gruff and manliness. I would be unbearably disappointed would they cast Josh Hartnett or some other "soft skinned" pretty boy.

Not that I have any gripe against Josh Hartnett, I merely don't feel he's the "kind" of actor for the role. He just doesn't radiates that bad ass, lights his matches with his beard, "I could kick your ass with both arms tied behind my back" aura.

Exactly. There's a boyish quality about Hartnett that just wouldn't work the role.

Eastwood would have been great, but I don't think he was the great actor he is nowadays back when he looked right for the role.

Perhaps though it's because Eastwood is so iconic with that kind of character that when we read the book we saw him as Roland?

Anyway, I'm still voting for Stephen Moyer.


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