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Hop teaser trailer isn't a trailer

Hop.jpgIt's becoming more of a standard practice with animated films these days to release what looks like the character test animation footage as a "trailer", even if it is preceded by the word teaser. Hop continues the tradition that is rather pointless and feels like a huge let down.

The film's blurb has nothing to do with the teaser trailer, oh yeah, apart from seeing the main character in it, a character who doesn't even say anything, doing something that's not associated with the film at all. The Hop teaser trailer is a bit of a con.

At least with the Despicable Me teasers the characters were cool, with Hop it's just a bunny. I saw nothing that didn't make me wonder why I was wasting my time watching this.

The blurb for Hop tells us that it's about an out of work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny and must take on his work as he recovers, well aside from the fact that this is the exact same story we've already seen but with Santa, what has that got to do with the teaser?

In the Hop teaser we see a bunny setting up a drum kit and then playing along to a few bars of Blur's excellent Song 2. What?

Have we seen this kind of trailer, even a teaser, for any live action film? I do seem to think that we've seen trailers before where the main character talks to the screen and discusses something very pertinent to the film, and the core of the character, with the audience, but not just do something that's not even related to the film.

I don't get it. This just looks like the animation studios test footage for the character that's been released. Here's the trailer for Hop which stars the voices of Russell Brand and James Marsden, not that you'd know it.



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