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Last Night trailer starring big cast

LastNight.jpgThis film seems to have totally passed me by until now, and watching the trailer it looks like a strong relationship film that throws up some key moral questions about people in relationships, and at the same time looks like it could feature some strong performances.

Last Night stars Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington as a married couple who are having a little bit of difficulty, each carrying doubts about the other. As it happens, while the husband is on a business trip, both of them are offered temptations to stray in the guise of Guillaume Canet and Eva Mendes.

That's a strong cast, and the film is written and directed by the Iranian film-maker Massy Tadjedin who is making her directorial début with Last Night. It certainly looks like a strong break into directing, even from this short trailer, and it's giving Sam Worthington the ability to stand around some real actors and do just that, act, with no effects around him.

Here's the trailer for Last Night which has a similar feel to the set-up of Closer (Filmstalker review), big cast, relationship film, strong personal performances. I wonder if it will turn out like that?

Here's the trailer which came through Awards Daily and First Showing:



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