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New Catfish trailer online

Catfish.jpgWe aren't really sure what Catfish is trying to be, reality make believe horror, a simple cautionary tale, or a more bizarre thriller? If you haven't seen the film or had it spoiled then you're with the rest of us, you don't know until you've seen it, we just know there's a secret to be revealed.

Now if you've watched any amount of thrillers in your time you probably can have a fair stab at what the story is going to deliver, and I reckon it's a pretty safe bet, but the intrigue and the guessing is the best bit. So that's why the new trailer works so well, it keeps the secret.

Unfortunately I don't think they have the build up as strong as they have in the longer length trailers, but it still works in this new Catfish trailer, even if it isn't creepy enough ending as the rest.

Catfish tells the story of a man who is being filmed by his friends who want to make a documentary about him and his new love, a love he's just met on the Internet on Facebook, a woman whom he hasn't met yet but has exchanged messages, pictures, and talked to on the phone.

The film builds to their first meeting when the man and his film-making friends head to her family farm to meet her for the first time, and capture it all on camera, and that's when the creepy music kicks in.

It's great that the secret is being kept, but don't expect it to be kept for long after general release. Get in there and find out for yourself first, and see if your guesses are right. I think they just might be, what other way could this go?

Here's the new trailer through Empire:

I can't keep myself away from trying to find something new out about the story and gain some hint about the ending, even though I don't actually want to know the answer. So reading all about actual Catfish, just in case there's a clue in the title, led me to read up more in Wikipedia, but that reveals little apart from the barbels, bottom feeding, the idea that the juveniles most often resemble the adults and Sexual dimorphism. There are a few things in there that are around the edges of what I've already been thinking, but it could go any way.



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