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No Strings Attached trailer online

NataliePortman.jpgThe trailer hit for the film No Strings Attached starring Natalie Portman and Asthon Kutcher arrived online over the last few days to a great furore. It seemed that everyone was excited that it was a film that had a topic about sex and that Portman was in it having sex with Kutcher.

Well hold your horses. It's a comedy that's also about relationships, and you can be guaranteed there aren't any sex scenes that would excite the Portman fans after a glimpse of some flesh. However, the film does look good and might deliver something a little more emotionally strong as well as comedy relevant to adults.

All in all the trailer for No Strings Attached looks pretty good, I enjoy the more adult, the more grown up comedy and this most certainly is. I don't just mean that in words and images, but through the dialogue and comedy too, so many adult comedies we see are merely so because of expletives and nakedness and not truly pitched and written for grownups. Could this be one?

The story sees Natalie Portman playing a doctor who works so hard there's not much time in her life for romance or relationships, and when she has sex with her friend, played by Ashton Kutcher, they both see an idea, a No Strings Attached relationship where they just get together when both of them have time for sex.

Sounds brilliant, but then can you have sex without a relationship? Does love ultimately get in the way or take over and make it something better?

Ivan Reitman is behind the film, and that's a strong point, not to mention the presence of Portman and Kutcher and some good names in the supporting cast. If the film doesn't step into Hollywood humour then perhaps we could have a good film.

Here's the trailer from the film which came through The Hollywood Reporter:



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