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Pitt making Chilean miner film?

ChileanMiners.jpgCould it be true that Brad Pitt is interested in making a film about the Copiapó mining accident? The story of thirty three Chilean miners who were trapped seven hundred metres underground after a mine collapse for sixty nine days?

Well it would seem his production company is at least, for according to reports from Chile, his production company have offered a fair sum to secure the rights to the story and turn it into a film.

The story is an amazing one and has been all across the media channels of the world since the story broke. Part of the San José copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert near Copiapó, Chile collapsed and left thirty three miners trapped underground.

A massive rescue attempt began with the worlds media arriving alongside the survivors families who camped out nearby in a makeshift village. They waited while three separate rescue shafts were started and the long and slow process to save them began.

What was amazing to watch was that a small shaft had already been drilled down to the safe zone where the miners were held up and there was communication back and forth during this time.

Eventually, after the sixty nine days, all of the miners were rescued, and while they suffered from various ailments, none of them were seriously ill or injured and one of them, Edison Peña, has even run the New York City Marathon after he took up running inside the tunels to keep himself fit and active. You can read all about it on

According to a story in The Guardian Brad Pitt's production company Plan B has already made a rather substantial offer to secure exclusive rights to the miner's story and to turn it into a film. The lawyer who represents the miners, Edgardo Reinoso, has revealed that some of the men may even get supporting roles in the film.

Cleverly the miners have set up a company to represent their interests and gather all the profits made from the selling of their story to ensure that they are evenly distributed.

It is a nigh on perfect story to be told in Hollywood. There's the action of the collapse, the drama and tension of the miners surviving underground, the human interest angle, and the wonderful happy ending. Perfect.

The article makes a big deal about the problem of language that the story faces, that to make the film they would have to make it as authentic as possible and that would mean making the film in Spanish, something that they are quick to point out hasn't worked in Hollywood before and cite Steven Soderbergh's Che as a perfect example.

Well I don't really see it as a problem, and there's two sides to this. The first is that if it is going to be a straight Hollywood version of the story then they will have no problem in making the cast with American actors and placing it in the English language.

The other side to this is if Brad Pitt does get involved in the project, more than just with as the head of the production company, he may well try for authenticity and shoot with non-Hollywood actors. We're seeing Angelina Jolie create a film in the same way in Eastern Europe, why couldn't the same be done in Chile?

It's also interesting to note that this isn't the first film and that there are a number of others in the works. According to the article a film called The 33 of San Jose began filming just five days after the rescue and has exclusive news footage from a Chilean news network. Unbelieveably there's already a pornographic version of the story underway, The Mine That Ate the 33. It seems almost a joke.

However there's no big budget, all singing, all dancing film under way, and if Plan B are really in the mix then we could see a Hollywood version of the Chilean miners being pushed into production. Mind you even if Plan B aren't and this is a fishing rumour, then I don't think it's long before a studio does snap it up.



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