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Real life Hackers in film

AlbertGonzalez.jpgRemember Hackers, well it looks like we're going to be returning to similar realms, although this time the film will be based in the reality of hacking and focussing on the catchphrase of cyber-crime.

The film is going to be based on an article called Hackers Gone Wild: The Fast Times and Hard Fall of the Green Hat Gang, which told the story of perhaps the largest identity theft in the history of the U.S. and about the man behind it.

The story is being adapted from a Rolling Stone article which told of Albert Gonzalez, a twenty seven year old man who lead a group to steal and resell some one hundred and seventy million credit card details.

He also served as an informant for the Secret Service cybercrimes task force, as he was hacking into the computer systems of Fortune 500 companies.

The article from Variety tells us that Alessandro Camon, who co-wrote The Messenger, is adapting the article for film and when I read his comments about the story I can't help thinking that the film will glorify a criminal who stole and broke the law on a massive scale, computer crime or not.

”Cyber crime is a defining phenomenon of our time and these are the guys who pioneered it”

Eric Eisner, producer on the project, said about the story:

”This story about a young computer prodigy who launched one of the world's biggest criminal enterprises is a natural for the bigscreen.”

I'm concerned that this is going to glorify criminals and their activity, and while it's definitely early days, there's a strong feeling coming from the story.



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