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The Dark Knight Rises to feature Ledger's Joker?

TheJoker.jpgWe've seen this question/comment rise up time and time before, ever since Heath Ledger died in fact, will the Joker return to the Christopher Nolan directed Batman films, but now there's an extra twist, will Heath Ledger return?

Obviously it would be similar to the Brandon Lee return to the set of The Crow, using CG and previously filmed footage, but is it true? Well there are some really big "ifs and buts", and I know where my belief squarely lies.

The story comes from a "source", and you'll know how much faith I hold in them with the latest big "source" story about Transformers 3 dropping 3D during filming being called out by Michael Bay as made up rubbish being a great example.

Sources, whether they be someone actually on the production or not, can be anyone claiming to be anyone, and "someone close to the director" kind of source can often turn out to be the waiter who served him his coffee and overheard two words out of context, suddenly there's a "story".

However, let's just go with the "source" story for the moment and explore this idea that Paste Magazine is reporting through Row Three. They say that this source has revealed Christopher Nolan wants the Joker to appear in The Dark Knight Rises to give continuity between the two films and he intends to do it using previously filmed footage and clever CG.

"Chris wants some continuity between movies and for the franchise to pay tribute to Heath and his portrayal of the Joker…it would only be a fleeting moment in the movie and would only be included with the full consent of Heath's family."

Okay so there are some key things here. Let's run with the idea and pretend the source is real, let's say that Christopher Nolan is planning to do this, why would that work?

Well this third film is going to build Batman back up again from his lowest point at the end of the The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review), with the Joker taking the fall for what would have been laid at the feet of Batman and no doubt destroyed the hero the city needed.

If we're going to see him rise up from this point it would make a little sense to carry on from around this point and built it up from there, and would that include something of the Joker?

Perhaps, although is there really a need to? Is there anything left to tell in the Joker's story? Didn't we see it all already?

This is the part that I struggle with. The only reason to bring him back into the film would be to add something extra to the story or as a nod to Heath Ledger. Frankly I can't see there being something more to tell and does he really need a short cameo in the new film as a tribute after the entire performance of the previous film and the Oscar?

I'm not buying it to be honest.



My thoughts exactly, TDK is already in itself a tribute to Heath Ledger. I don't see the need to bring the character back for some cameo appearance.

This just sounds like rubbish to me. It all would be like what they tried to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the last Terminator and I don't think its necessary here. I don't see Nolan doing that either, unless it would benefit the story and even then I'd rather have a full fledged recast.

Joseph Gordon Levitt perhaps? I'd love that.


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