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Alien prequel rumours destroyed

Alien.jpgAmongst all the "sources" and "insider" stories that have been coming out about the Alien prequel it's been difficult to tell what could be a genuinely interesting story, and so I've pretty much been happy to stay away from it. The guesswork has been rife and some of the guessing has been obviously wild.

Now that the rumours have started to get debunked there's one interesting fact being revealed that hadn't struck me as yet, amongst all the banter and two-faced stances on the gossip, and amongst it all there might just be something that turns out to be true.

I have to say it's funny how some people leap up and shout about how some people shout about how these rumours are lies and how bad it is for people to write about them and then go and write rumours about other films, or indeed the same film, when they get the scoop or it's one they believe in.

I always try and be as grounded and realistic as possible and steer clear of wild rumours, and when I do write about them I put them in as much grounded realism as possible - "someone close to..." could be the man standing next to them in the toilets, that kind of thing. After all, as I keep being told, Filmstalker is not a news site, nor is it a corporate or group blog, and there's no need to chase after these things and attract quick hits. Something I'm rather happy about.

On the other side of the fence there's the publicity people who seem happy to let these rumours fly around without releasing official denials or corrections, or even just some press information to keep the stories going on the right track. Yet when things get a little too off base and look like the rumours could be having a slightly negative impact, they start screaming how unfair it is that people are talking about the wrong things with regards to the film.

Well, no one is a mind reader, and for the right story to be out there the press and marketing departments have to get the right story out there. So there's no point complaining if a rumour is out there and you haven't corrected it officially, or released some information about the film, and correcting it through sources and hearsay isn't the best way either.

Anyway, now I've gotten that rant off my chest let's talk about the rumours and gossip flying around about the Alien prequel - titles, casting, and what not. All rubbish say people who have contacted 20th Century Fox, and the story that came up on the New York Magazine through Latino Review about the title and casting of the film isn't true.

There they themselves debunked the previous rumour that the film was being moved out a year which was initially put down to old conversations about getting Leonardo DiCaprio on board when he was free, wasn't happening.

They also reported that the title was Paradise and is a reboot of the franchise with a similar tale being told to the first film, that Noomi Rapace was still being considered for the female lead, and that Michelle Yeoh was a hopeful for Ridley Scott to take another role.

However up pops the 20thFoxCC Twitter account and reveals that the film isn't called Paradise.

So really what they're saying is nothing is true from the previous stories, although there is something that comes out that's rather interesting, and this was the whole point of the story.

The Alien prequel is not going to be two films, it's one. That's what the 20th Century Fox person said on their tweet, and yet that's not what Ridley Scott said back in October of last year:

"It'll be two. It'll be prequel one and two. Then Alien 1....At the moment I'm just trying to get the first one out."

Well the director and creator thought it was two back then, when was the announcement from him that it wasn't going to be two? Well there's been nothing that I've seen, but I think I might know what's going on and where the confusion is.

Scott may want to do two and sees a story going through two films in his head, but right now the studio have said yes to one and one alone, and perhaps that's all he's pitched, hoping that afterwards there's still the desire to make another one from himself and the studio, and right now he maybe has nothing more than an idea.

Who knows the real reason, but we do know the creator and director said two films, and the studio are saying one. What that does mean is that there won't be a definite story arc over two films and that the Alien prequel will end with a franchise open ending and nothing more.

Perhaps Scott will make another one, perhaps he won't.

Now we wait some real news on the film.



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