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Another new trailer for The Fighter online

TheFighter.jpgThere's a new trailer online for The Fighter, the David O. Russell directed story of Mickey Ward's rise, fall and rise again in the boxing rankings, fighting against himself, his family's desires, and all preconceptions about him.

It's a powerful story and the trailer makes it look even more so. This could be a great performance from Mark Wahlberg.

The story follows that of the real life boxer "Irish" Micky Ward, played by Mark Wahlberg, a fighter who was doing really well and then suffered a string of defeats. He hung up his gloves for three years and then made a startling comeback.

There's a good cast behind Wahlberg too, Christian Bale and Amy Adams look like they could be giving some equally strong performances. The film is looking better and better the more we see of it.

Here's the new trailer for The Fighter which comes from IGN through Latino Review.



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