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Blomkamp gets Copley for new science fiction film

NeillBlomkamp.jpgNeill Blomkamp has talked about his next film before, and now we're hearing a little bit more about the project, but not that much more, although we do learn that he's teaming up again with Sharlto Copley who led District 9 (Filmstalker review).

The film is called Elysium and is set in the future on another planet, and you can be assured it isn't a sequel to District 9...and yet everything seems to suggest it should be.

If you think about the story for District 9 and where it left off, you could well assume that Elysium could be the sequel to the film, especially since Sharlto Copley is starring in it.

Now I'm sure I'm not giving much away if I saw that the high level blurb for Elysium could well follow Copley's character from District 9 onto the next chapter in his story, but according to the story in Deadline Hollywood Daily this won't be the plot of the film, despite the starring role.

Neill Blomkamp hasn't said much about the film, and the comments all come from those pesky “insiders”, but it's a start.

Sony, the studio behind Blomkamp's District 9 are apparently really keen for a sequel to the film, and why not, it was a huge success and gained a hell of a lot of profit. Keen they certainly are, and they could well get behind a sequel, but they aren't behind Elysium, so maybe the comparisons between the new plot and the end of the last film are just coincidental.

I would think all eyes would be on the second film from Blomkamp, after all his first delivered in bucket loads and the pressure will be on. The thing is if he does deliver, and the second film isn't a sequel to District 9, the studio will be at him harder than ever for the sequel.



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