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Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens 2010: Call for submissions

10FSReel.jpgIt's coming to that time of year again that I ask you, the Filmstalker reader, for their Top Ten for the year. This is where you write up a short, or long, article on what your Top Tens have been cinema wise. Now that can be good, bad, actor, film related technology, experience in a cinema, hottest actor or actress, absolutely anything that takes your fancy.

Submit your Top Ten and you can see it over the coming month or so on Filmstalker. It's simple, just look at the entries over that past few years.

You really can write about anything film related, it doesn't have to be the best films, or the best actors, anything that's caught your eye from the best stage performance by a screen actor, to the most memorable moment in a cinema for you, absolutely anything. My only stipulations are that it isn't celebrity gossip and it's film related, that's all.

Last year we had a range of lists from Feigned Mischief's Film stars on stage, Daniel Woolstencroft's Horror films, Matt Adcock always provides entertaining lists and this year gave us OMG moments! and Babes, the now Audiocast regular Mark Buckley provided his , we had worst, best and even Bollywood from Ramchandra Solanki. So get your thinking caps on and get your list online.

There have been some great lists over the years with regulars and newbies alike submitting theirs, so I hope to see some regulars appearing again, you know who you are! Don't worry if your list has already been published by someone else, you should write yours with your feelings on it, from anything as small as a line or two per entry to a paragraph, you can see the different lists that have come in from readers in the Filmstalker's Stalker's Top Ten lists page.

Here's an email address for you to send your Top Tens into. Do have a look at a few from previous years, create your list, and add in a little thought behind each choice to personalise it, and if you want to write more, include images, anything, just let me know and I can fit that in.

You can email your list to: topten@filmstalker.co.uk or even just tell me what list you're going to write and I can start talking about who's delivering what, but do get the lists in so that we can get started.



1- Shutter Island
2- Inception
3- The Town

Hi Sunny, nice list and thanks for commenting it in. What you should do is write it up, expand it to ten, and then mail it in. You'll get a whole article to yourself.

I am up for this as always Richard.

Well get writing and get it in Simone! Look forward to receiving it.

So far there are two lists in.


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