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Stalked: Clooney drawn to Gravity, Mangold's next Western, Campbell in Joffé's Singularity, Firth for Gambit?

Clooney drawn to Gravity...

Mangold directing Western from Shield writer...

Campbell in Joffé's Singularity...

Firth for Gambit...

Clooney drawn to Gravity...
George Clooney has joined Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, replacing Robert Downey Jr. who was set to co-star alongside Sandra Bullock in the film about survivors of an accident in orbit who are left stranded in space. The reveal comes through Deadline.

Mangold directing Western from Shield writer...
James Mangold, the director of Knight and Day (Filmstalker review) and the 3:10 to Yuma remake, is to make a revenge thriller called The Gunslinger. John Hlavin, a writer from The Shield and who has written the Underworld 4 script, wrote the script in 2009 and it's first attempt at getting made was put into turnaround. It tells the story of an ex-Texas Ranger who sets out to get his own revenge on the men who killed his brother. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Collider.

Firth for Gambit...
Colin Firth is looking as though he might lead the remake of the Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine led film Gambit, a comedy about a man trying to pull of a heist who falls in love with the woman he's hired to help him carry out the audacious con he has planned. The story comes from Deadline. Michael Hoffman is directing the film.

Campbell in Joffé's Singularity...
Neve Campbell is in talks to star in Roland Joffé's next film called Singularity. The film will take place in two separate times, that of 1778 and 2015, and is about “the connection of two souls, past lives and a ring.” Wow, now that sounds an interesting story to say the least. Josh Hartnett is already cast as one of the two main characters who are an archeologist in a coma and a British captain in colonial India, and Olga Kurylenko also stars. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Collider.



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