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Stalked: Giger on Alien Prequel, Howard on Dark Tower casting, Cruise and Baldwin on Rock of Ages?, Jones surfaces for Mute

Giger back for Alien Prequel...

Howard on Dark Tower casting...

Cruise and Baldwin for Rock of Ages?...

Jones off submarine film, Mute next?...

Giger back for Alien Prequel...
H.R. Giger's wife, Carmen Scheifele, has revealed that he's working on the Alien prequel film. Now that's good news for the creature effects at least. Will we see something new or a variation on an old theme? I think that since the films have established that the form of the Alien changes depending on the DNA of the creature it gestates within, and let's face it that makes a lot of sense anyway, we'll see some new designs. That is if the space jockey creatures are involved, for if it's another story of people trapped on a ship with one then we'll see old faithful. The story comes from glanzundgloria.sf.tvglanzundgloria.sf.tv through AvP Galaxy and Bloody Disgusting.

Howard on Dark Tower casting...
Ron Howard was quizzed recently about the casting choices for The Dark Tower first film and series and he didn't really say or deny anything, he just nodded when he heard names mentioned such as Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm, and then said that all the fansites were talking about Viggo Mortensen. The story comes through Bloody Disgusting. Yet he reveals nothing about the actual casting or whether if any of these stories are vaguely right. I'm still with Stephen Moyer for my choice.

Cruise and Baldwin for Rock of Ages?...
There are rumours flying around about the casting of Rock of Ages, the adaptation of the stage musical that uses eighties rock songs. A Twitter message from the director of the film Adam Shankman talks about the rumours himself, but remember even he's talking about the rumours, he's not announcing.

“RUMORS: t cruise as stacee, Alec Baldwin as Dennis, Mary j as justice, Gwyneth paltrow as Constance from rolling stone... Sounds crazy :)”

Sounds quite cool too, but we'd have to wait and see, he's the one that really knows and he's not revealed anything yet, although The Hollywood Reporter does say that one of the production companies wants Cruise and apparently he's been involved, giving notes on the script and a new draft was written with some of these suggestions. They talk about the Bladwin and Paltrow rumours as factual offers, so who knows, maybe it is true.

Jones off submarine film, Mute next?...
Duncan Jones has been talking on Twitter through about his next film choice, and it seems he's not directing a film about a submarine anymore, Escape From The Deep, and that there are two films on his slate now. One of those films is Mute, and he doesn't reveal anything about the second film.



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