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Stalked: Theron and Roberts fighting queens, Theron in J. Edgar, 3D Cirque Du Soleil, Sackhoff Evil Genius, Swank on horror

Theron and Roberts evil queens to fight?...

Theron reading for Eastwood's J. Edgar...

3D Cirque Du Soleil film...

Sackhoff the Evil Genius...

Swank continues horror run?...

Theron and Roberts evil queens to fight?...
It's the same old story, one studio starts developing a film on a specific story or theme and another studio picks up the idea and creates their rival project, it happens all the time, and sometimes both films make it through production as well. It seems that the latest for this rivalry to hit it off is with Snow White.

Universal Pictures has Charlize Theron in negotiations to play the evil queen with Michael Fassbender the front runner to play the woodsman in their film Snow White and the Huntsman, while Relativity Media is talking to Julia Roberts to play their evil queen in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White which will be directed by Tarsem Singh. The story comes from somewhere, but unfortunately I lost the source link, my apologies.

Theron reading for Eastwood's J. Edgar...
From the same site that revealed the rumour that Charlize Theron was in talks for a Snow White film came the rumour that she's trying out for a role in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Hoover biographical film J. Edgar.

3D Cirque Du Soleil film...
Cirque du Soleil has joined with Andrew Adamson and James Cameron to develop a 3D feature film that will incorporate the spectacle of the Cirque du Soleil shows and the gimmick gone mad of 3D. Reading the article from Deadline it seems that there are a few films planned and the first will have a story written by Adamson. Cameron talks about the film and reveals that they are shooting 3D images now for the film which he "...know[s] Andrew Adamson will weave them into a transporting, dreamlike narrative..." so they're filming the 3D scenes and then creating the story around it.

Sackhoff the Evil Genius...
It's not really huge news that Katee Sackhoff is trying out for a new film but for many it is. I loved her in Battlestar Galactica and would like to see her in more, if she has more to offer, but I don't think she's really been given the chance. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that she's going to lead Sexy Evil Genius, playing a woman who invites her exes to a bar being very mysterious about her intentions, but she has a plan that includes revenge, romance and a diabolical plan.

It's being directed by Shawn Piller from Scott Lew's script, and First Showing reveals an interesting point about the story, that it's not just for Hollywood's usual entertainment sake. Lew is a quadriplegic and writes by using an infrared dot on his forehead to point to a monitor to write, a slow process and not one you'd carry out lightly. He wrote of the film:

"Writing is the only way I really get to express myself with complexity"

As they say, that is not the way someone churns out the average Hollywood script, this is a film that's going to have much more heart to it than that.

Swank continues horror run?...
Hilary Swank is rumoured by JoBlo to be interested in a psychological thriller called Dreams of a Dying Heart. The film would see a woman returning home after surviving a terrible helicopter crash, not long after arriving home she sees a ghost of a boy, wakes up screaming and covered in blood, pictures of her go missing, odd voices are on the phone and a strange middle eastern man appears in the house trying to seduce her daughter. Soon she discovers that she's fighting for her life and that of her daughter. Sounds interesting, but does the former lead of Million Dollar Baby really need to keep going with horror films?



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