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Wright's Hanna trailer looks fantastic

Hanna.jpgThe trailer for Hanna looks fantastic, but at the same time coupled with the blurb does give you the feeling that perhaps you know a little too much about it already. I'm putting my faith in the hands of the makers of the trailer and the film though and hoping that this is far from simple.

Joe Wright has directed the film with a cast of Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Olivia Williams and Tom Hollander, and a story about a rogue CIA agent who has been hiding in the remotest area of Finland, training his daughter to be a cold hearted killing machine for a very special mission.

That mission is about to start as at fourteen years old her training is over, a training that has consisted of building strength and stamina, learning to hunt and kill, and learning to do it all quick and without compassion or detection. She has become the perfect assassin.

When she is ready she presses a button on a homing beacon that alerts the CIA to the presence of her father, a rogue agent that they have been after for a long time. With a team despatched they find only the girl, and in custody she asks for one person, when she arrives she kills her and escapes, and the hunt is one.

She is chased across Europe by a ruthless intelligence operative who is hiding her own secrets, and as the girl nears her ultimate target, dispatching the agents and assassins in her way, she discovers the startling truth about herself, her father, and the reason why she is being chased.

Saoirse Ronan plays the girl with Eric Bana her father and Cate Blanchett the intelligence operative with secrets of her own. However those secrets might have been given away by a line of her dialogue and a flash of a piece of paper.

However, let's realise that this isn't the whole story. We have no idea who she is after, why her father trained her, who he really is, who she really is, and why it's all happening. That still sounds like a ton of unknowns, and note that I'm not telling you what the reveals are, if you don't get them then lucky you.

All this aside, Hanna still looks like a great film, and from Joe Wright too, and he also co-wrote the script along with Joe Penhall, David Farr and Seth Lochhead. Wright and Penhall are attractive names in that list.

Not only that but Blanchett does look like she might be playing a great character, it seems as though Ronan is going to have a hell of a part to play, and there are some great images from the trailer.

Hanna does look good and the pace of the trailer makes you think of films like Salt (Filmstalker review), while the story is conjuring up images of Leon and The Bourne Identity, and all welcome images too. This does look like it could be a damn good thriller.

Here's the trailer which you can also see over at Yahoo Movies in high definition:



Oh wow, I forgot how you can always arouse people's excitement to see a film, I will definitely keep an eye on this one Rich!


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