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Alfred Hitchcock biographical film with Hopkins?

AlfredHitchcock.jpgCould this be true? The other day we heard that Sacha Gervasi was in discussions to write and direct a film about an important moment in the career of Alfred Hitchcock, the moment where he decided to take a gamble and make the film Psycho, a low budget horror which was quite a departure for him, and saw him fighting to get funding and get the film made.

Not only is the rumour that Gervasi, the director of Anvil! The Story of Anvil and writer of Henry's Crime, set to rewrite the script and direct the film, but that Anthony Hopkins is also in talks to play the legendary man.

It's no surprise really, he's a legendary actor, and surely one that could play the director without too much difficulty, and he's been lined up to play the man before back in 2007 in this very film, although under slightly different management.

Back in 2007 we heard rumour that Anthony Hopkins was lining up to play Alfred Hitchcock in a film that would see him making Psycho. It was called Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho which was rumoured to be changing to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Back then it was Ryan Murphy who was up to direct the script from John McLaughlin based on a book about Hitchcock making the film.

Now, according to L.A. Times, Sacha Gervasi is in discussions to rewrite that script and direct the film, which apparently is still called Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.

What's more is that The Hollywood Reporter through The Playlist followed that story saying that once again Anthony Hopkins is in discussions for the role of Hitchcock, I'm not sure if it's off the back of the L.A. Times story or if it's something new to add on, but it would still make sense that they were pursuing the actor for the role. After all he's played some powerful roles with ease and tackled some important figures, why not Hitchcock?

Interestingly it was back in the original story that had Helen Mirren set to play the wife of Hitchcock in the film, and if they're still looking to cast that role I would think that they couldn't do any better than Mirren alongside Hopkins do you?



Wow, this is awesome, I hadn't heard about any of this! As a life-long Hitchcock fan I have to hang my head a little that something this huge managed to go under my radar for so long. I just watched Rear Window off my DVR and was as a DISH Network customer/employee I was using my Logitech Revue with Google TV to search out Hitchcock and see if there were any of his other movies coming up and it lead me here! Love that Google TV and can't wait to see Hopkins take this role head on!


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