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Exorcismus trailer looks promising

Exorcismus.jpgWritten by David Muñoz and directed by Manuel Carballo, Exorcismus hasn't really grabbed my attention with the previous trailer, and I had actually thought it was a Spanish film. This trailer says something different once it gets warmed up.

The film sees teenager Emma Hawkins suddenly start fitting, fits which can't be described by doctors and eventually the sceptical family are forced to look elsewhere, to a priest within the family who has some very strong beliefs.

Exorcismus, or as it was also known, La posesión de Emma Evans or The Possesion of Emma Evans, is written by David Muñoz who previously wrote The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del Diablo) with Guillermo del Toro and Antonio Trashorras. You may also not realise that it stars Doug Bradley as well as Tommy Bastow, Stephen Billington and Sophie Vavasseur as the lead Emma.

The trailer starts off as we've seen before and does suggest a smaller budget film than we've seen, but then it starts showing us a few hints of effects and scenes out with the house, and perhaps there's more to this than I first thought.



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