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Greengrass on Luther King Jr. assassination film?

PaulGreengrass.jpgDr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been eighty three this Monday, and it seems that Paul Greengrass is getting ready to mark that day with the beginnings of a project to make a film about the events leading up to his assassination.

It's rumour for now and has yet to be confirmed, but away from the Bourne films Greengrass could really bring this largely untold story to life on film.

However, so much for rumours as just over a week ago we were hearing the rumour that Paul Greengrass was picking up the Angelina Jolie led film Cleopatra in 3D as James Cameron left the project for his double Avatar sequels. This just shows how fickle and quite frankly rubbish rumours can be.

So the latest rumour is that Paul Greengrass is looking at directing a script that he's just written, a script called Memphis, which is about the final days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 as he was campaigning for poor people's rights, for the rights of the black sanitary public works employees who were striking for equal rights, and fighting for the Civil Rights movement as a whole while also being quite outspoken about the Vietnam War, and when he was assassinated in Memphis after making his famous "mountain top" speech.

The story from N.Y. Magazine through The Playlist is high on suggestion but low on fact. There's nothing about the rumoured Cleopatra film or what is in store for Memphis.

Putting action to the side Paul Greengrass is a strong writer and director for a film such as this, but also a surprising one. United 93 (Filmstalker review) did give me a surprise at how well it portrayed such a sensitive subject and made such a powerful and emotionally driving film. I think those sensibilities would do incredibly well in a film about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

I wonder though, is this going to be an examination of the assassination? There was a suggestion that the story would go up until the assassination, but that doesn't mean it won't investigate the events behind it. Is Greengrass to create a film that looks into the assassination and tries to expose who was behind it or will it be a straight telling of the facts?



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