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Heavy Rain video game adaptation

HeavyRain.jpgFor those of you who have played the game and like cinema I don't think that this is a surprise for you for a second. Heavy Rain is a game that is hugely influenced by film noir and carries cinematic viewpoints in every single aspect of the game. Couple that with a powerful story told from multiple aspects, and we have a film on our hands.

The news is that David Milch is set to adapt the video game for film, a move which could see it become the most successful video game adaptation to date because it's nigh on a film already.

In Heavy Rain (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) the player does feel as though they are playing out the events of a film and throughout the game you play multiple characters all bringing a unique take to the investigation into a serial killer who kidnaps children and offers their parents a chance to save them, but only if they sacrifice themselves in the process.

We heard that the PlayStation 3 game was being adapted back in May of last year when the story was that a deal was close at hand. That turned out to be the case and now we're seeing a writer assigned to the story, and my fears from back then still hold true.

I was concerned that the film would lose the complex back and forth viewpoints of the multiple characters and just take the whole story through the eyes of one of them, turning it into a much more standard film and that this would miss out one of the most powerful aspects of the story.

In the story from Variety there's no word if this aspect will make it through, only that the writer David Milch is set to adapt the story to a screenplay. Milch wrote Deadwood and NYPD Blue, and really that should be all you need to know for the tone and depth of Heavy Rain. It looks like it's going to be a dark, tough, and uncompromising adaptation if those two series along are anything to go by.

He's a strong writer, but the key for me is retaining that multiple person coverage of the story. During the investigation you play four different characters, an FBI agent, the father whose son has been kidnapped and whose life is on the line, a newspaper reporter who befriends and helps the father, and a private investigator.

All of the characters are on the trail of the serial killer, all for different reasons, and all with their own inner demons to deal with on the journey.

What's especially great about the game is that what choices the player makes with one character will affect another player later in the game. It is one of the first games I could truly say that I was playing a part in a film, that's how it felt.

I think at the core of this adaptation is not only the serial killer, their methods and motives, but retaining that multiple character perspective, going back and forth between them, and keeping the audience on their toes right till the end. With Milch writing it, I have high hopes.



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