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Update: Matrix sequels says Reeves, or not

Neo.jpgI don't know, everywhere you look nowadays you're hearing about stars who are talking about the revival of some of their biggest roles on screen without any comment from the film-makers or the studios. It seems that more and more the stars are pushing projects with the public, hoping that they can hype up the desire to see a sequel made.

Keifer Sutherland and Susan Sarandon are mentioned in the news as doing just that, and so is Keanu Reeves, but not for the project you might think, no he's not touting a Bill and Ted sequel, again. No this time he's saying that there are more Matrix films to come and with Neo too.

Keanu Reeves has said that there are two sequels in the works, and yes they may well be in 3D, yawn. However who can blame him because it was the audience at a London school for performing arts who were all over him about sequels, although to be fair the seed for those would already have been planted in their minds from the media stories. So who really is to blame for all these sequels and returns to old stories?

Anyway he was asked about Bill and Ted but also about returning to the world of the Matrix, and he had something surprising to reveal.

He said, through Twitch, that the Wachowski team have completed a treatment that would include two films and bring Keanu Reeves as Neo back to the world once again. Apparently they also told Reeves that they've been talking to James Cameron about 3D.

Now think on that for a moment. If you imagine what they did with bullet time, what could they do with the emerging 3D technology and how could they exploit that in a world that can be totally controlled by the mind of the One?

3D aside there's the obvious question, how could they make another two films? Well here's an idea, since it's a cycle that happens again and again, maybe they'll have another crack and this time Neo won't be so successful? No, that could never happen could it?

Perhaps they would have a go at retelling the story or bringing back Neo through a computer program, or...look, there really is no way of knowing. The possibilities are endless aren't they, for we really don't know what happened at the end of the Matrix or rather the beginning.

What do you think? Could there really be a new Matrix? Or even two?

Update: Shame, I kinda liked the idea. The bad news is that it's all lies according to The Playlist, which when I discovered that the actual source was AICN, perhaps not so surprising.

Aww, this is a story I wanted to believe, but unfortunately Reeves was never in London at the time. Now that really is a great way to get the idea for a sequel out there!



Well, since Neo (and most human alive in the Matrix universe) was artificially created by the machines, my guess is that his mind is plausibly some sort of program. It even was separated from his body at the end of Reloaded and continued operating remotely in the beginning of Revolution. Therefore, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine Neo's soul/mind could have carried on in the Matrix code in some way (just like a program can sometimes be retrieved on a HDD even after it's been formated.)

In fact, I remember reading there was a mission in "The Matrix Online" (which constitutes a direct and official sequel to the movies) where the player had to collect some sort of fragments of Neo throughout the Matrix. I don't remember the specifics.

Well the two main programs are very clear that it's all going to happen again and they'll get another chance to battle it out.

I like the idea of Neo being fragmented across the system though. They could surely resurrect him as a program.


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