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New Paul trailer online

Paul.jpgAnother new trailer has arrived for Paul although there's not a lot of new footage until the fast cut montage at the end and the wonderful choice of ELO playing in the background...okay, maybe I'm in the minority on that last one.

I do wish there had been more new footage though, this trailer doesn't feel that new considering how much we've already seen.

Paul sees Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunited, which is the part that I have the most hope for, along with Seth Rogen, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch, Bill Hader, Jeffrey Tambor, Blythe Danner.

Paul tells the story of two British blokes out for a tour of America before they hit a science fiction convention on the west coast. Taking in their tour of UFO hot spots they head to Area 51, at night no less, and see a car crash right in front of them. Out of the darkness walks an alien, an alien called Paul, and they agree to help him evade the agency chasing him so that he can find a way home.

This new trailer can be seen on Apple Trailers as well as below, and I'm a little disappointed. Perhaps I'm hoping for too much, perhaps the problem is the fact that there's really nothing new to this trailer, I don't know.

Here's Paul.



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