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New Superman cast

HenryCavill.jpgIt doesn't seem that long ago we were saying the same thing about a certain newcomer called Brandon Routh, who might just have made enough of a name and career for himself to keep going without another Superman role.

Now though we're looking at a not so new actor taking up the next Superman in the Zack Snyder directed film, and the word on the web is that he was also in the short list for the role against Routh for Superman Returns (Filmstalker review).

Let me not waste any time and get right to it, Henry Cavill is the man who is next to take up the cape, no not the new television series but the red cape and the infamous "S", yes the British actor who appeared in The Tudors, Stardust and Tristan + Isolde, will play Superman in the next attempt to bring him back to Earth.

There's absolutely no other word on the film in the announcement from The Hollywood Reporter other than the actor taking the role so there's not much to gleam from it other than the fact that he's a pretty young looking Superman, tying with some of the story we've already heard.

So far the production is proving to be very elusive on what we're going to see from this new Superman from Zack Snyder, we're going to have to wait and see and hopefully soon we're going to find out what direction this new rebirth is going.



Cavill is an actor, people, and a very good one, who is also really good-looking, sharply masculine, with dark hair and a great jawline and good eyes. Think he’ll be able to do the accent, and he’ll look like Superman. If you’ve seen him in The Tudors you also know he’s a very strong actor. this is a really tough role to pull off.


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