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The Dark Knight Rises reveals leads and villain

AnneHathaway.jpgI am stunned. Well I'm stunned on one side and not shocked on the other. For today two actors and leading characters were announced for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film and both Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway are confirmed as starring next to Christian Bale.

While I already suggested who Hardy would be playing back in November of last year, Hathaway is a complete surprise and is one choice I never thought Nolan would have made, after all the character screams everything that Nolan's Batman is not.

First up let's talk about Tom Hardy. He's been confirmed for Christopher Nolan's third Dark Knight film titled The Dark Knight Rises and, as I talked about back in November of last year, there's one character he could play really well and to a degree already has.

If you look back on his Bronson (Filmstalker review) performance and apply that to the world of Batman you so easily come up with the character of Bane. That's what I said last year in November and that's what has come to fruition, for according to the Warner Bros. announcement Tom Hardy will play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

That seems like great news, and the character fits well with Nolan's universe. Bane is a bad guy who spent his life in prison and was a test subject for a new drug which gave him increased strength. He becomes addicted to the drug and the effects and becomes an arch villain of Batman.

There's plenty of places that Nolan can take that character and keep him grounded too, but for the word of the second character I'm not so sure there's such a fit.

The second announcement is for the casting of Anne Hathaway as the leading lady of the film, and while The Hollywood Reporter carries the Warner Bros. announcement saying that Hathaway has not been announced as playing Catwoman, the L.A. Times is saying that she has been announced as playing Selina Kyle and therefore will be playing Catwoman. As one commenter says on the site until they see the photos, the press release or hear Nolan's words, they aren't going to believe. Me, I'm a little confused.

Everyone's leaped on the headline Hathaway playing Catwoman, but is she? If the press release does say she's playing Selina Kyle then the chances are she's playing Catwoman, you wouldn't expect that character to appear and her not, but then that would mean Nolan bringing in two big characters for The Dark Knight Rises, and Bane is more than enough for the film.

The more worrying aspect is what Catwoman conjures up to the average person who knows about Batman or has seen any of the films or television shows to date, we're talking camp all the way. Of course Nolan won't do that will he? He'll deliver a new Catwoman, or rather an old Cat, either way he's surely going to change her radically to be something more akin to the dark, tortured and more grounded of the characters he's been delivering so far. Still, it's a tall order I think and I'm really surprised if it's the case.

I'm not surprised about Hardy playing Bane though, I did say last year and I love the idea, Bane fits perfectly well with Nolan's Dark Knight, I just don't get where Catwoman does.



I'm thinking that they might be going back to Catwoman's roots in how they use her in this film. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if Selina Kyle starts as nothing more than a jewel thief/cat burglar who wears a suit that is purely functional(and looks nothing like a cat) and is never actually called Catwoman at any point in the film.

I'm really hyped for Tom Hardy, I think he's dead on.

I'm really not crazy about Hathaway though, she really doesn't seem to have that "feline quality" to me. Emily Blunt could have been a better choice, at least physically. Maybe if they cut her hair, she could look something like Adam Hugues' Catwoman... But even then, she really doesn't radiate that fully confident demeanor and raw sex appeal that is key to the character.

Then again, I really wasn't crazy about the idea of Heath Ledger as "The Clown Prince of Crime" back in the days but how wrong I was proven!

That's a good point Vash, how many people believed the Heath Ledger was going to pull off Joker so well. I certainly didn't.

I still don't see Hathaway though, and what's more I don't see Catwoman full stop. I think Christopher is right, perhaps he is going right back to her roots, doing to her what he did for the Joker.

I doubt anyone doesn't trust Nolan with Batman now though.


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