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The Drummond Will trailer

TheDrummondWill.jpgA trailer has arrived for the British comedy, and perhaps a little bit of horror, The Drummond Will. It looks an interesting combination and reminds me of classic British comedy, and the recently seen Scottish film One Day Removals (Filmstalker review). Films where no matter what people do events just keep building up against them and the lead characters find themselves in situations that are getting worse and worse.

The Drummond Will trailer feels just like that, and looks to deliver comedy as well. The trailer looks quite promising, although it'll be interesting to see how the balance of comedy and horror holds up.

The film sees two brothers return to their home in the countryside to bury their father and take possession of his rundown estate. There they find one of his old friends in a cupboard hoarding a large amount of money, and that's where the story really begins.

They put him back in the cupboard while they try and decide what to do, unfortunately when they do and they reopen the cupboard he's dead. They decide to stage the body and take the money, and that's where events begin to escalate, and by the looks of the trailer, the body count too.

The Drummond Will looks pretty good from the trailer on the official site which comes through 24FramesPerSecond, although I am thinking of One Day Removals (Filmstalker review) throughout the trailer, it's no bad thing.

The film is directed and co-written by Alan Butterworth with Sam Forster also co-writing. Mark Oosterveen and Phillip James star as the two brothers and the film has been receiving a number of notable mentions at festivals. It's well worth a look and you can see the trailer at the official site.



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