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The Mechanic red band trailer

TheMechanic.jpgJason Statham starring with Ben Foster in the remake of the Michael Winner and Charles Bronson film The Mechanic does sound like a good combination, and the previous trailers have been fun to watch, but now there's an MPAA red band trailer on the loose and that promises a lot more, but does it deliver?

The original film was back in 1972 and seems a long way off, so perhaps here a remake could find some new ground, and plot wise it does appear to have done something a little different.

A professional killer, one of the best in the business, sees his mentor and friend murdered so he goes on a run of revenge against those who did it, taking along an apprentice in the form of the murdered man's son. However things don't quite go according to plan.

Well that's what I thought it was about until I saw the trailer which seems to suggest there's a little more to it. After this the two team up and work together, and it's clear that the young apprentice is too eager, too angry, and not quite as disciplined.

Then, while they're carrying out a hit, a team of men arrive to kill them. Realising they've been double crossed by the very man that hired them, their revenge is turned on the man who has been giving them their work.

The story does sound like it could be fun, and with Jason Statham playing the killer, Ben Foster the apprentice and Donald Sutherland his father and the killer's mentor, it does provide a good cast too. Throw into the mix that Simon West is directing, a man who has delivered some good action films in the past, and this could work out well.

Let's see the trailer for The Mechanic:

I'm not really feeling the “red band”-ness of it all, but then it is the MPAA. Still, it looks good from the trailer and there's plenty of action to satisfy as well as some big ego characters. I'm definitely in.



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