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Akira live action film gets rewrite

Akira.jpgI had wondered what was happening with the live action version of Akira, we had heard mixed reports, dead then alive, then silence followed by rumours that the Hughes Brothers were set to direct and that James Franco was set to star, rumours but at least there was something being said about it.

Now there's more substantial news and it confirms that Albert Hughes is directing the film and that there's a new writer on board to rework the script.

This definitely means that the adaptation of the anime Akira (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) into the live action film Akira which will relocate to America, is happening.

Actually is it an adaptation or a remake? I'm not entirely sure. However Albert Hughes is directing, and he has a fair amount of good films to his name that give an interesting mix, he's done apocalyptic future very recently too, and now we're hearing from Variety that Steve Kloves is set to rework the script that various other writers have already worked on. Kloves is well known for his work on the Harry Potter series where he's written all the adaptations except for Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.

You could make some comment and connection about Kloves having written so much about the boy magician now turning his hand to a story about a boy with immense psychic powers, enough to level a city, and I don't think you'd be pushing it too far saying that either. I wonder if they're trying to tone the story down a little and make it more appealing to the mass audience? Well, they would have to wouldn't they? It's a film requiring a big budget and needs to make its returns.

I'm equally fascinated as to how this live action film will turn out and uninterested to see the film remade in live action, it's difficult to describe but half of me doesn't want to see the film remade and the other half does.

Part of me expects Hollywood to destroy it, and another part just sees the potential to make this into something amazing, something epic, that could really make the live action version amazing.

They've certainly got a good writer and director, indeed they've had a few good writers. I wonder who will end up being the acting talent on the Akira film?



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