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Beir's In a Better World trailer

InaBetterWorld.jpgSusanne Bier means the 2004 film Brødre (Brothers) to me, a film that I did enjoy and has stuck with me. Hollywood also enjoyed it and decided to remake it, and she went on to make After the Wedding and Things We Lost in the Fire. Now her 2010 film In a Better World aka Civilization aka Hævnen is slowly seeing light in other parts of the world.

I can't believe I just missed it at the Glasgow Film Festival, I'm rather gutted by that, but the good news is that it's at the UK Bird's Eye View Film Festival next month (alleging a premiere on IMDB) and after being released in France and Germany, it gets a limited US release before arriving in Australia.

I am genuinely annoyed that I missed it at the GFF, it just didn't click who the director was otherwise I'd have been straight in there. No matter, I just have to hope for a UK release or someone to pass over a screener.

In a Better World tells the story of...

Anton is a doctor who commutes between his home in an idyllic town in Denmark, and his work at an African refugee camp. In these two very different worlds, he and his family are faced with conflicts that lead them to difficult choices between revenge and forgiveness.

Anton and his wife Marianne, who have two young sons, are separated and struggling with the possibility of divorce. Their older, ten-year-old son Elias is being bullied at school, until he is defended by Christian, a new boy who has just moved from London with his father, Claus. Christian's mother recently lost her battle with cancer, and Christian is greatly troubled by her death.

Elias and Christian quickly form a strong bond, but when Christian involves Elias in a dangerous act of revenge with potentially tragic consequences, their friendship is tested and lives are put in danger. Ultimately, it is their parents who are left to help them come to terms with the complexity of human emotions, pain and empathy.

That's the big blurb, and the trailer does a great job of presenting and interesting duality in the stories of father abroad in an African war zone and the son facing bullies at school. Plus Ulrich Thomsen is in it, and although he's not a leading name in the film, I do enjoy watching him on screen.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Susanne Bier's latest, and this has reminded me to go and look at her past career.

You can see the film in Quicktime high definition over at Apple Trailers, which seems to have been released earlier this month, and you can see smaller version below:



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