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Die Hard 5 gains writer and director

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgIt looks like there are some bold choices being made for the fifth, and most likely final, Die Hard film with Bruce Willis at the helm, I say that because you can be assured that in the future we'll see a reboot, relaunch or re-imagining of the franchise with a new star, but for now the fifth one could well be Willis' last.

The film has just announced a writer and director, and while the first writer to have a go at the script is not a newcomer to Hollywood and action films, the director most certainly is, and it's this choice that is the surprising one.

First up, let's talk about the writer, who we actually heard about back in May of last year. Skip Woods has been pulled in for the fifth film, and he's a good choice. Looking at his resume of films you will find such names as Swordfish, Hitman (Filmstalker review), X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The A-Team (Filmstalker review). Okay so Wolverine was rubbish, but there's good stuff to be had in the rest. Still, doesn't yet feel like a Die Hard film.

Now there's a director, and The Hollywood Reporter give us the surprise that it's Noam Murro.

Yes, that's what I thought when I read it. He's apparently an excellent commercials director and has been nominated for the Directors Guild of America Director of the Year award a mammoth five times, winning once and also winning the Gold Lion at the Cannes Gold Lions Awards. He's previously directed Smart People starring Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page, and is currently directing Hateship, Friendship, Courtship.

You can see some of his work over at Biscuit, and it's pretty impressive. You'll notice that amongst his videos are a couple of Halo adverts, including the recent "Deliver Hope" which was the main advert for selling Halo: Reach. I've just taken a look and some of his commercial work is stunning.

So could he be the one to direct Die Hard 5? Well judging from some of those adverts I'd say yes.



How on earth are they going to top Die Hard 4? Die Hard 4 is by far my favourite in the franchise.

Now that is unusual, a lot of people don't like the fourth as much.

I think it's close to the original and probably second or third ranking in the franchise, obviously the first is the best. I really enjoyed it.

Topping that's going to be hard because the story was pretty big.

Fantastically useful thanks, I do believe your trusty followers would probably want a good deal more posts such as this keep up the good content.


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