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Firth disagrees with cut The King's Speech

TheKingsSpeech.jpgUnsurprisingly Colin Firth has spoken out about the re-cut version of The King's Speech that has had some of the swearing removed in order to change it from an MPAA R rating to a PG-13, which also means that more cinemas will show it and more people will buy tickets.

The Weinstein Company has re-cut the film in order to get the cinema friendlier rating, and sell more tickets, but all that it's doing is removing some swear words from rather key moments in the script.

You have to think it somewhat ludicrous that the MPAA decide to give a harsher rating to The King's Speech than True Grit, and just to clarify there are no hangings or shooting in The King's Speech, well not to my knowledge.

The reason that The King's Speech gained the R rating from the MPAA is for a very simple reason, swearing. At a number of points the character of the King, played by the well reworded Colin Firth, says "the f-word", and this prompted the harsh rating.

The Weinstein Company didn't like that as it would affect their American marketing of the film, and they're right, it will. Some cinemas won't show it, it'll get less exposure, all because it doesn't hit the big demographic and will bring less bums on seats and therefore less money into the box office.

Speaking at the Oscars to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Firth even said he was rather dismayed at the decision:

"I don't support it...I think the film has its integrity as it stands...

...in the context of the film...it couldn't be more edifying, more appropriate. It's not vicious or insulting. It's not in the context that might offend..."

He couldn't be more right, and he points out that there's more swearing at a football match, something he doesn't like himself when he takes his children, but it's perfectly in context in the film, and he says that he's never met anyone who objects to it either.

You see this doesn't sit well with me, The King's Speech and Colin Firth have been winning awards across the world for the film, not the sanitised version by the MPAA, but the original version with the swearing in, yet the version that the Weinstein Company are going to release is not the version that won the awards, it's been edited since.

Another aspect of this that annoys me is the fact that The King's Speech is getting an R from the MPAA because of a few in context swear words, and yet hanging and shooting in True Grit gains a PG-13. Doesn't that appear rather messed up to anyone else?

It just goes to reinforce my beliefs that the MPAA are skewed and morally twisted people who have their priorities all wrong and don't understand film. While the excellent BBFC consider film as a whole and the crucial context, the MPAA seem to have a hit list of sex, swearing, and then somewhere down the list, killing, murder, torture, and going further down still, context and cinematic merit.



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